Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Natural Hair Care Hawaiian Style!

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My friend Aaren, owner of Pozzibilitiez, showed me pictures from a recent trip to Hawaii.
In all the pictures there were native Hawaiians with long, beautiful hair. I began to think, how do they grow such long hair?  Then my research began and here is what I found out:

Hair Tips From Hawaii:

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been used in hair treatments for thousands of years and in 1999 a study found that even on chemically damaged hair, coconut oil provided a lubricating film and penetrated water into the hair, preventing the lifting of the surface cuticle and its breaking by the force of a comb. Coconut oil treatments add shine and strength to all hair types. Coconut oil can also be used as a leave-in conditioner on curly, thick hair. The 

curlier the hair, the  more coconut oil can be used without a greasy look. Curly hair absorbs the oil. Start with 

a small amount in clean, dry hair and add more until the hair is glossy. Rub some into the scalp and into the 

ends of the hair. Also, Coconut oil has anti-fungal properties that heal the scalp and hair.

2.  Kukui Nut Oil Treatments
 kukui nut tree is the official state tree of Hawaii. Hawaiian natives have used sweet oil to heal acne and to soothe a variety of burns. In traditional Hawaiian culture, babies were anointed with the oil to protect them from elements of nature, such as salt and sun. 
Hawaiian Kukui Hair Treatment for shiny and lustrous hair:
Lightly warm 1/4 cup kukui nut oil
Massage onto your scalp and hair. Let set on scalp and hair for 5-15 minutes. Shampoo out.
3.  Curling irons & blow dryers are the enemy
Let your hair naturally dry.  If it is absolutely necessary, use them on the lowest setting & be careful not to burn your hair
4.  Get regular trims
Split ends prevent your hair form growing to its fullest potential.  Also, use plastic (ouch-less) hair accessories
5.  Eat your veggies
Fresh fruit and veggies have a tremendous effect on the hair
6. Regular hair washing
Because of frequent beach visits, Hawaiians wash their hair a lot. Avoid detergent based shampoos as much as possible.  Conditioner only is always a great option.
7. Time
It takes time and patience to grow long hair, but it is worth it.

Look at these fantastic photos of gorgeous Samoan/Hawaiian hair! All different textures and styles! Simply breathtaking

Beautiful Mature Hair
Young, Sweet, Vibrant Hair

Wave Envy
Loc'd n Luscious
OK...I cheated here Wheww! All kinds of fine-ness! Can you blame me though? Really? LOLOLOL

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